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Verb: To Re-Wedding

What exactly is a re-wedding?

Well, I'm so glad you asked.


You could call it a vow renewal but more and more couples are choosing promises or intentions to speak to each other so the term vow renewal doesn't cover them in the same way. I like the term re-wedding (which is totally made up by someone cleverer than me) because it think it suggests re-invention, newness and excitement. 

Maybe you got married last year and you want to do it again on your anniversary? Well, if it's good enough for Seal & Heidi Klum it's good enough for you!!

Maybe it's a big anniversary coming up and you want to mark that specially or maybe you just fancy doing it again in a different way.

What's the point of a re-wedding?

A re-wedding allows you to re-connect with your family and friends who attended the first time. Maybe you haven't seen some of them since the wedding and this is the perfect opportunity. It also allows you to invite the newer friends you have made since then to celebrate your relationship. If you've had family in the time between then this is such a brilliant way to involve them and bring your first wedding alive to them in a way they couldn't experience through looking at old photo's.

You could re-visit vows/intentions/promises you made at the time and reflect on if they have stayed the same or evolved. You could create whole new ones.

Perhaps at your wedding there were compromises you had to make at the time financially or otherwise and you are now in a different place in your life and want to acknowledge and celebrate that you have grown from there.

Perhaps at your wedding there were those that couldn't attend first time round and you would love them to be a part of your re-wedding.

You could re-wear your wedding clothes or re-purpose them in some way to be worn as part of the day. You could treat yourselves to totally new outfits so you feel incredible. 

You could have a BBQ or a banquet. It could be a big party or it could be a really intimate ceremony for just you and your nearest and dearest somewhere special.

I know what you are thinking now.......this could be the time to re-wedding.

So what does that involve?

Well it's almost entirely like the process of working with me and getting married for the first time:

  • We get together for a chat where I learn about you both, your story, your wedding and where you are now. I also learn form you how you would like to express this point in your lives.

  • I head off , get the kettle on and get down to work to craft a re-wedding ceremony for you that you will love for years to come.

  • You have an incredible re-wedding ceremony and think 'we should do this more often!' Life and love are for celebrating and that's not a one off.

  • I present you with a presentation script after the ceremony and you can enjoy that time and time again.

Sounds good, but what does it cost?

This service involves the same amount of inspiration, thinkspiration and creatspiration (I know these aren't real words but you know what I mean) to create a re-wedding ceremony as it does a first time wedding ceremony. It requires the same investment in you as a couple and the same time commitment in terms of delivering the ceremony. As a result of this the prices remains the same:

  • A Re-wedding in 2021 - £600

  • A Re-wedding in 2022 - £650

Get excited about location because that could be on a beach, in your back garden or at your old school hall for example.


Get creative with the time, how about we get up extra early to commence the ceremony at sunrise or go the other end of the day for a twilight ceremony. 

Feel free to get in touch to find out more by clicking here.

 A neon sign 'All You Need Is Love' in red and  '& Mojitos' in a mint green. On a red background with leaves around the outside of the frame

[Image description: A neon sign 'All You Need Is Love' in red and  '& Mojitos' in a mint green. On a red background with leaves around the outside of the frame]

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