How Does It work?

Your Story
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I'm here to listen and to learn about your story. How you met, who you are now as a couple and where you want to be. As your celebrant I'll help you find a voice for what's important to you through readings, poetry, music or whatever works for you. If that's sci-fi, Game of Thrones, bad jokes or 80's vibes my role is to take all of those things, give them shape and form and create a completely bespoke wedding script and ceremony just for you.
Sounds fun? It is!
My Role
What Do I Do For You?
I'm here to help guide the way.

As your celebrant my role is to help you realise what it is you really want to express through your ceremony and to give you options.

Want to write you own vows? Go for it!

Want to include a symbolic gesture? Love them :)

Want a doggie ring bearer? Yes let's do it!

Prefer not to speak out loud at all? That's perfect.

Want to have your ceremony in an unlicensed venue or outdoors? No problem

Lets chat
Mine's a cup of builders, milk no sugar thanks.

So you've decided this sounds like it could be for you? Lets meet and chat.


If location is an issue theres always FaceTime or Skype. Distance and time are no barrier!

This is the next step where we can get to know each other better and we can discuss what you are hoping for, venue, timeline and of course cost.

If all goes well we will put a contract of agreement in place and then make some magic.

What Do You Get?
What Does It Cost?
The all important question.
Humanists UK recommend fees are between £350-£1000 but my fee is typically between £550-£850 (prices for 2020) This range of fees reflects that weddings and their requirements can vary tremendously. These elements are clearer after a first meeting and are then reflected in my quote to you. All couples receive:
  • A planning meeting to discuss the ceremony & your needs in detail

  • A contract of agreement between us

  • Creation and editing of your personal script

  • Attendance at a rehearsal at your chosen venue (distance depending)

  • Delivery of the ceremony on the day itself

  • A presentation copy of the script after the ceremony

  • Peace of mind that with my accreditation I will provide a regulated service

Please note there are slight price increases for 2021 and 2022 enquiries.

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