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About me

I currently live just outside of Belfast in Northern Ireland but work frequently between NI and London so can cover both options. 

My background from being a professional dancer is now as a choreographer and producer for theatre.


I spend most of my time curating and putting on shows and knitting the details productions together to make sure everything runs smoothly and is wow. This means I am in love with the visual arts, movement, colour, beauty and fun. I really like organising, am addicted to lists, own loads of highlighters and love a good bit of stationary. All these skills and passions are perfect for a wedding celebrant which is all about attention to detail and drawing out the story. If you want to see a bit more about what I do in my other life take a look here at www.fleurmellor.com

I love books, cups of tea, interiors, lighting, music, eating and robots!

How I got into weddings
Basically, I got married.


For years I'd been underwhelmed by the idea of a conventional wedding. I'm not religious and didn't like the idea of either a conventional church wedding or a civil ceremony which seemed lacking in any kind of personality and joy and was merely functional. So if I didn't like either of those options why go through with them? 


After my husband proposed we wanted to get married but were less sure about how to achieve the wedding we wanted. Doing a bit more research that's when I stumbled across Humanist wedding ceremonies. My friend had recently had a Humanist naming ceremony for her new baby which I couldn't attend but the idea and the name had stuck with me. Looking into it more I realised this was all kinds of brilliant and that Humanism really appealed to me. I had always tried to live by the principle of being a decent person and this was what it was all about.


​In the end we had a super quick civil ceremony at the city hall with just 2 witnesses and then had the most incredible ceremony conducted by our friend, it was the most moving, funny, interesting wedding I've ever experienced and I'm not saying that because it was my own. It's because we could have exactly what we wanted for us, our family and friends. It's what I think every couple should have and deserve for their day and it's all possible. This spurred me on to take the training myself and so now I'm fully accredited by Humanists UK. But, what does that actually mean?

Humanists UK

Being an accredited wedding celebrant for Humanists UK means I am part of a larger network of celebrants who work across England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and The Channel Islands. 


IMPORTANTLY - I can also legally marry you as well in Northern Ireland. Also hurrah for same sex weddings over here for which this also now applies along with civil partnership conversions!! If you would like me to be involved in a wedding in England, currently the laws wouldn't allow me to perform a legal marriage but, they have recently been under review and things are starting to change. We could in the meantime have an almighty celebration ceremony. In short, my aim is to ensure an incredible, personal & memorable day designed around the two of you.


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