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Love & Friendship

You're the one I most admire 

with great intentions and loving desires.


Passion and trust and knowing that you care 

brings a lifetime of happiness for us to share.


Being so gentle, understanding, and kind 

brings comfort, faith, and a joy that shines.


Tears and laughter are feelings that are rare, 

but a true heart shall never despair.


Love is unique in its very own way, 

taking risks, and challenges day by day.


But when a heart is made of gold, there is so much to share, 

like joy, laughter, and a friendship that's there...


So I give you my heart as a token of love, 

from one friend to another and the heavens above.


So take my heart and cherish it too, 

'cause there is no us without you!

A Special Kind Of Love

There never was such a friendship that has made me feel this way. 

It's been there from the beginning, so I just want to say,

You were there with me when it was hard to forget

That my heart was aching and it hadn't healed yet.

The things you've said have proved me right 

That this friendship has made me see the light.

You've never tossed around my heart, and I know it's true 

Because this is a special kind of love for me and for you.

I Love You, Friend (edited)

Every time I look at you,

I feel there's something new.

My friend, my dearest friend,

I don't know what makes you

Special in my heart.


It's been a long time

That we've been together.

The happiness and sorrow

That we share with each other,

The problems that we solve together,

Our experiences make our relationship stronger.


I don't care what other people will say

Because of my heart's decision.

My friend, Listen to me.

I'm lucky I found you.

I treat you as my friend,

And now my heart chose you as my love.

Long-Lost Friends 
(edited to long-loved)

© Patricia A. Fleming

To see that face you've missed so much,

To feel that warmth inside.

To see how much you mean to them,

Reflected in their eyes.


To feel that sense of comfort

That you felt in times gone by.

To hug someone with all your might,

To laugh until you cry.


To escape to all those memories,

Those moments that you shared. 

To feel each strong emotion,

As if you were right there.


To recall that sense of purpose

That you felt when so naïve.

And the world was open wide to you

And you were fearless and so free.


To remember all those special friends

Who have long since passed away.

To share regrets you each possess

And haunt you still today.


To reveal whatever pain you've had

In the years that have gone by.

And together feel so grateful

That somehow you both survived.


To know this person inside out,

Their past secrets and their schemes.

Who helped you through some troubled times

And shared your hopes and dreams.


To know your heart and soul are safe

And there is no judgment there.

And no matter what you say or do,

All they want to do is care.


To feel that love that makes you whole

And finally find yourself again.

No, there's nothing better in this life,

Than being with your long loved friend!

Love Is Friendship Caught Fire

Love is friendship caught fire; it is quiet, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection, and makes allowances for human weaknesses. Love is content with the present.


Those in love hope for the future and don’t brood over the past.
If you have love in your life, you’ll accommodate the day-in and day-out chronicle of irritations, problems, compromises, small disappointments & big victories, which are all part of working toward common goals,


Love can make up for a great many things you lack.
If you don’t have it,
no matter what else there is,
it is not enough,
so search for it, ask for it,
and share it! 


It is often said that it is love that makes the world go round. However, without doubt, it is friendship which keeps our spinning existence on an even keel.


True friendship provides so many of the essentials for a happy life — it is the foundation on which to build an enduring relationship, it is the mortar which bonds us together in harmony, and it is the calm, warm protection we sometimes need when the world outside seems cold and chaotic.

True friendship holds a mirror to our foibles and failings, without destroying our sense of worthiness. True friendship nurtures our hopes, supports us in our disappointments, and encourages us to grow to our best potential.

Bride and Groom came together as friends. Today, they pledge to

each other not only their love, but also the strength, warmth and, most importantly, the fun of true friendship.

Everything I Know About Love

I know that love can be loud and jubilant…It can be dancing in the swampy mud and the pouring rain at a festival and shouting “YOU ARE AMAZING” over the band. It’s introducing them to your colleagues at a work event and basking in pride as they make people laugh and make you look lovable just by dint of being loved by them.


It’s laughing until you wheeze.


It’s waking up in a country neither of you have been in before.


It’s skinny-dipping at dawn. It’s walking along the street together on a Saturday night and feeling an entire city is yours.


It’s a big, beautiful, ebullient force of nature.


I also know that love is a pretty quiet thing.


It’s lying on the sofa together drinking coffee, talking about where you’re going to go that morning to drink more coffee. It’s folding down pages of books you think they’d find interesting.


It’s hanging up their laundry when they leave the house having moronically forgotten to take it out of the washing machine.


It’s saying ‘You’re safer here than in a car’ as they hyperventilate on an EasyJet flight to Dublin.


It’s the texts: ‘Hope your day goes well’, ‘How did today go?’, ‘Thinking of you today’ and ‘Picked up loo roll’.


I know that love happens under the splendour of moon and stars and fireworks and sunsets but it also happens when you’re lying on blow-up airbeds in a childhood bedroom, sitting in A&E or in the queue for a passport, or in a traffic jam.


Love is a quiet, reassuring, relaxing, pottering, pedantic, harmonious hum of a thing; something you can easily forget is there, even though its palms are outstretched beneath you in case you fall.

I Don't Want A Relatonship

I Don’t Want A Relationship, 

They hold you back.


I want a best friend I can sleep with, 

Make love to, hustle with, travel with, 

Shop with, club with & live with. 


I want a partner in crime, a life partner.


Someone I can laugh with and build with.


Somebody that I can trust with my heart, my money & my life. Somebody I’m not afraid to lose because I know they’ll always be there.


Relationships just aren’t for me… 

But a partnership, I’ll take that!!


Today I marry my friend,

The one I have laughed and cried with,

The one I have learned from and shared with,

The one I have chosen to support, encourage,

And give myself to, through all the days

Given us to share


Today I marry the one I love.


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