I want to marry you!

Well.... not in that way but, I do want to be your wedding celebrant

As a celebrant accredited by Humanists UK I can help you plan the wedding ceremony of your dreams. In Northern Ireland I can do that legally pretty much anywhere including outdoors and unlicensed venues (it's me that's licensed) with a couple of exceptions so DREAM BIG.

Your wedding can be fresh, exciting, new and all yours! No two couples are the same so why should two weddings be the same?

I'm based between London and Northern Ireland so have passport, will travel!*


* I know with C19 this is tricky at the moment but I'm forward looking.  

[Image description: Me wearing a sunny yellow pleated dress, with a yellow hairband and earrings that spell out 'LO' & 'VE'. Holding my ceremony folder with a big cheesy grin]



Bookings for 2021 are now closed. 

Bookings for 2022:

With regards to 2022 bookings, my diary is open from 1st February - 30th September. 

As I am not a full time wedding celebrant I can get booked up more quickly than some of my colleagues so don't delay!

January - NA

February - NA

March - NA

April - fully booked

May - fully booked


July - limited availability

August - limited availability


October - fully booked

November  - NA

December  - NA

Bookings for 2023:

My 2023 diary will not open until the middle of 2022, I generally take bookings around 6-9 months in advance only, to ensure I can meet commitment. Thank you for your understanding. 


For more information on how I'll be handling ceremonies at this strange & ever changing time please check out the following page. 

Instagram feed: @fleurmellorcelebrant